Pursue the thing

Here's something I'm learning though: it won't happen if you don't make it happen. The only way for something to be completed-- whether that's an art project or a "quick" workout-- is if you push yourself towards it. You will face resistance, sure, but resistance isn't a good enough excuse to not go after what you want. Anything worthwhile in life usually comes with a fight. There's a fight to start something. A fight to forge a new path in the road. A fight to keep a habit going. A fight to continue. But, in the fight, we learn some of the most valuable things about ourselves. We learn how much capacity we truly have. We get braver. We figure out who are people are and how loud they cheer. More than that, we figure out how much cheer other people on and whether or not we are an asset to the lives of other people.


It's short. We know this. Life is short. It is a fight. And it's fleeting and it's not really predictable. We can't afford to be bystanders, especially if there is something in your chest that tells you that you were born for more than this. Pursue the workout plan. Pursue art. Pursue a new project. Pursue the person. Pursue the thing. You're the only one who gets how much it matters to you. It has to matter enough though, enough for you to make a change, clear the space, and finally get to work.

Here's a cheers to all those people out there supporting me & my art. I couldn't do it without you ;)