Thank you for your interest in my work. Below, you will find the price list for commissioned work including watercolor portraits and animals. Prices include shipping.

Photos: I usually work from a photograph, so you can feel free to send me a couple of images (churches, homes, dogs). Or you can send me an image of your favorite painting that I’ve done, and I’d be happy to complete one similar, while keeping it an original piece.

Prices: Commissioned paintings include a price increase due to the time it takes to satisfy the clients’ taste. Two revisions are offered until the client is completely happy.

4x6 - $65
5x7 -  $85
8x8 - $105
8x10 - $115
9x12 - $165
11x14 - $230
16x20 - $260
18x24 - $325

*These sizes are used as a reference. I will do sizes larger and in-between.

Payment: Once the image, size and price is confirmed, I will send an invoice. As soon as the payment is complete, you are officially on my ToDo List! From there, it should take about 2 weeks.

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